30 Days Weight Loss Yoga & Fitness Course

The 30 Days Power Yoga For Weight Loss course is a progressive journey divided into 4 weeks.

Ultima atualização : 24 de março de 2020
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Sobre o curso

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O que você aprenderá?

  • Lose weight and gain muscle mass.
  • Have a deep understanding of diet and nutrition.
  • Grasp yoga concepts and have in depth knowledge of aasnas and exercises.

Conteúdo do curso

The idea of a summary is a short text to prepare students for the activities within the topic or week. The text is shown on the course page under the topic name.

  • Lesson 1

Chapter 1 – Week 1

Chapter 2 – Week 2

Chapter 3 – Week 3

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3 anos atrás
The course is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. We have no regrets! I will recommend you to my colleagues.

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